British Columbia Steelhead Trophy Fishing

The Steelhead Valhalla Lodge is nestled in the trees along the banks of the Sustut River five miles upstream from the Sustut's confluence with the Skeena River.
The Skeena River System has been labelled the largest producing river for trophy steelhead in the world and the Sustut has the largest average steelhead of any river in the world!

The Sustut River... Crown Jewel of the Skeena Watershed

Because it is located more than 100 miles from civilization and accessible only by plane, the Sustut is the least fished of all the famous Skeena tributaries.

The Sustut originates in Sustut and Johansen Lakes in the Omineca Mountains with the Pacific Ocean about 275 miles downstream from the junction of the Skeena and Sustut Rivers.
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The Beauty of British Columbia, Canada

The river is crystal clear and full of game.  In a normal week you will likely eagles, bears, moose, fox and  if you are lucky, wolves.  The scenery is simply unbelievable - every run offers unique wide open vistas and is waiting for you.


Steelhead Valhalla Lodge is owned and managed by the Sweetwater Travel Company.  We firmly believe that the Sustut River is the finest of the Skeena tributaries, and we will make sure that the lodge experience at Steelhead Valhalla matches the quality of the Sustut fishery.  Every year since the purchase of the lodge we have made improvements and are proud to say that at long last we have made all of the updates we hoped for. 

Additionally we feel that part of what makes the river special is the management and cooperation between both lodges. This cooperation between both insures that there is a fair rotation of boats, no additional pressure on the fishery and that the two lodges can share costs whenever possible. The Sustut is a special place. We intend to work to keep it that way.
Sweetwater Travel owns and operates fishing lodges around the world. At each of our operations, we have set rigorous standards for the angling experience as well as the lodging and dining experience. In addition to our dedication to providing a high quality angling experience, we have actively worked to conserve the fisheries where we operate. We have established the Taimen Conservation Fund in Mongolia to preserve one of the world’s strongest, and last remaining, Taimen populations. In Brazil, we are working with the Moore Foundation to set aside thousands of acres of land into a conservation easement to insure perpetual protection of the Agua Boa watershed.

Here in B.C., we have been instrumental in developing the Northern Rivers Conservation Trust. For more information on our conservation activities as well as our other fishing operations around the world, please visit our website,

Please be certain to call me if you have any questions at all or just want to chat. We hope you will give us a chance at your business as we will make every effort to insure that your trips to Steelhead Valhalla get better every year. We look forward to many years of fishing with you.

Jeff, Dan and Pat Vermillion