The Skeena River system in northern British Columbia has long been known as the "Valhalla" for anglers from all over the world who wish to test their skill against the mightiest of steelhead trout. The Skeena river is the largest producer of trophy-sized steelhead in the world, with the annual run ranging from 25,000 to 40,000.

Over five million Pacific salmon pass through on their journey to the spawning grounds each season. The largest freshwater rod-and-reel caught steelhead came from the Skeena system, as did the largest fly-caught steelhead.

The Province of British Columbia has officially recognized the steelhead trout as a trophy fish. A catch-and-release sport fishing ethic has been encouraged with emphasis placed on returning fish to the river so that they may spawn and perpetuate their splendid race. Steelhead Valhalla Lodge requires that all steelhead be released.


Guests at Steelhead Valhalla fish the lower 20 miles of the river. The upper 80 miles are utilized exclusively for salmon and steelhead spawning and rearing, key to the tremendous productivity of the Sustut River.

Sustut River
Salmon Fly & Lure Fishing

By the time King Salmon reach the Sustut they are eager to take a fly. King Salmon run from 10 to 50 pounds and average 25-30. This is a great venue for anyone interested in a quality wilderness salmon fishing adventure.

Sustut River
Steelhead Fly Fishing

Sustut steelhead average 15 pounds, with many running 20 pounds and larger. The females generally run from eight to 20 pounds, while the males normally range from 14 to over 30.

Dolly Varden & Rainbow Trout Fishing

We also have a fair number of Dolly Varden char that average around two pounds, and a few rainbows that run from a pound to three pounds.

British Columbia Fishing Season

Prime fly fishing for steelhead is from late August through late-October. There is no certain week or time during this period when we can predict that the fishing will be best. Best fishing is determined by water levels and the weather.